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Coconut Jaggery Powder

Coconut Jaggery Powder

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  • Unrefined
  • 100% Natural
  • No Preservatives


Indulge in the natural sweetness of Aranyaamaya's Coconut Jaggery Powder, crafted from the sap of organic coconut palm trees in the pristine farms of Coimbatore. This unrefined sweetener offers a delightful blend of rich caramel notes and the subtle essence of coconut. A perfect alternative to processed sugars, it brings a touch of authenticity to your culinary creations, enhancing the flavor profile with its unique and natural taste.


100% Coconut Sap Jaggery Powder

Key Features

Organic Coconut Sap Harvested: Sourced exclusively from organic coconut farms in the lush landscapes of Coimbatore, our Coconut Jaggery Powder begins its journey with the careful extraction of sap from the flower buds of coconut palm trees.

Artisanal Craftsmanship: Guided by traditional methods, this organic sap undergoes a meticulous artisanal process. Boiled, concentrated, and naturally dried, it transforms into the fine Coconut Jaggery Powder that we proudly bring to your kitchen.

Retained Natural Nutrients: Our commitment to preserving the authenticity of coconut sap ensures that this unrefined sweetener retains the natural goodness and essential minerals present, offering more than just sweetness to your culinary creations.

Pure and Eco-Friendly Packaging: Packed in thoughtfully chosen eco-friendly paper covers, our Coconut Jaggery Powder is a testament to our commitment to sustainability. Pure and untainted by additives, chemicals, or pesticides, it delivers an authentic taste of nature.

Crafted in Small Batches: To ensure the utmost freshness and quality, our Coconut Jaggery Powder is crafted in small batches. Each order is prepared as it comes, reflecting our dedication to providing you with the finest product.

Order Delivery in 5-6 Days: As we make it fresh upon order, the journey from our kitchen to your doorstep takes a little longer – around 5-6 days. We believe it's worth the wait for the freshest, most authentic Coconut Jaggery Powder.

Storage Info

Store in a cool, dry place.
Keep away from direct sunlight.
Ensure the lid is tightly closed to prevent moisture absorption.

Usage Info

Sweetening Treats: Use it as a natural sweetener in desserts, such as cakes, cookies, and puddings, for a distinctive flavor.

Beverage Enhancer: Stir it into your favorite beverages like tea, coffee, or smoothies for a touch of natural sweetness.

Flavorful Sauces and Curries: Incorporate it into savory dishes, sauces, and curries to add depth and complexity to the flavor profile.

Traditional Delights: Explore traditional recipes where jaggery is a key ingredient, giving your dishes an authentic touch.

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