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Stone Ground Ragi Flour

Stone Ground Ragi Flour

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  • Unrefined
  • 100% Natural
  • No Preservatives


Discover the goodness of Aranyaamaya's Stone-Ground Sprouted Ragi Flour. Sourced from farmers dedicated to natural principles, our ragi undergoes a meticulous process. We sprout, sun-dry, and stone-mill in small batches, preserving authenticity. Packed in eco-friendly covers, our sprouted ragi flour embodies tradition and sustainability. Benefit from the richness of sprouted ragi, finely milled through traditional stone grinding, enhancing your culinary creations with wholesome nutrition, added


100% Ragi Flour

Key Features

Sourced from Natural Farms: We select ragi from farmers committed to natural farming principles, ensuring the purity of every grain.

Nutrient-Boosted Sprouting: Ragi grains are soaked and sprouted, unlocking additional nutrients for enhanced health benefits.

Sun-Dried Goodness: Our sprouted ragi undergoes a natural sun-drying process in a clean environment, maintaining its natural integrity.

Stone-Ground Precision: Milled in small batches using traditional stone grinders, preserving the authenticity and nutritional richness.

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Packed in thoughtfully chosen eco-friendly paper covers, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

Crafted in Small Batches: Every batch is crafted with care, ensuring quality and a personal touch in every pack.

Order Delivery in 5-6 Days: As we make it fresh upon order, the journey from our kitchen to your doorstep takes a little longer – around 5-6 days. We believe it's worth the wait for the freshest, most authentic sprouted ragi flour.

Storage Info

Store Aranyaamaya's Stone-Ground Sprouted Ragi Flour in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Seal the package tightly after each use to maintain freshness.

Usage Info

Aranyaamaya's Sprouted Ragi Flour is a versatile addition to your kitchen, especially celebrated for its vast usage in South India.

Traditional Staples: Use it to prepare traditional South Indian staples like Ragi Mudde or Ragi Dosa for a wholesome and nutritious meal.

Baking Delights: Add a healthy twist to your baking recipes by incorporating this sprouted ragi flour into cakes, muffins, and bread.

Nutrient-Rich Porridge: Start your day with a nourishing ragi porridge, a popular choice for breakfast in South India.

Savory Delicacies: Experiment with savory dishes like Ragi Upma or Ragi Roti, bringing the goodness of sprouted ragi to your table.

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