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Stone Ground Wheat Flour

Stone Ground Wheat Flour

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  • Unrefined
  • 100% Natural
  • No Preservatives


At Aranyaamaya, we embrace simple traditions in crafting our Stone Ground Wheat Flour. By grinding whole wheat grains with stones, we keep the trio - bran, endosperm, and germ - ensuring your flour is rich in natural nutrition, especially fiber.

Our slow grinding process maintains a cool environment, preserving the wholesome goodness of the wheat. Aranyaamaya invites you to savor more than flour - experience a nutritional journey where traditional stone grinding meets the pure charm of nature.


100% Whole Wheat Flour

Key Features

Stone Ground Precision: Meticulously ground using traditional stone mills to retain the natural flavor and nutrients of whole wheat.

Naturally Grown Grains: Sourced from fields cultivated without synthetic pesticides or chemicals, ensuring the flour is free from harmful residues.

Rich in Fiber: Packed with dietary fiber for digestive health, our stone ground wheat flour is a wholesome addition to your balanced diet.

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Packed in thoughtfully chosen eco-friendly paper covers, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

Crafted in Small Batches: Every batch is crafted with care, ensuring quality and a personal touch in every pack.

Order Delivery in 5-6 Days: As we make it fresh upon order, the journey from our kitchen to your doorstep takes a little longer – around 5-6 days. We believe it's worth the wait for the freshest, most authentic whole wheat flour.

Storage Info

Store Aranyaamaya's Stone Ground Wheat Flour in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Seal the packaging tightly after each use to preserve its freshness and quality.

Usage Info

Baking Delight: Ideal for crafting nutritious and flavorful bread, muffins, pancakes, and more.

Rotis and Flatbreads: Create soft and nutritious rotis or flatbreads for a wholesome meal.

Versatile Cooking: Use in various recipes, from savory dishes to sweet treats, to add a nutty and wholesome touch.

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