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Wood Pressed Sesame Oil

Wood Pressed Sesame Oil

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  • Unrefined
  • 100% Natural
  • No Preservatives


Aranyaamaya's Wood-Pressed Sesame Oil – a kitchen essential that goes beyond the ordinary. This oil, crafted from sun-dried sesame seeds using time-honored methods, adds a touch of magic to your dishes. Whether you're stir-frying, drizzling over salads, or experimenting with baking, our sesame oil brings a burst of authentic flavor. And it's not just confined to the kitchen – indulge your skin and hair with its natural goodness.


100% Sesame oil

Key Features

Farm to Table Purity: We source directly from farmers committed to natural farming, ensuring purity and wholesomeness.

Handpicked Quality: Our high-quality groundnut seeds are naturally sun-dried in a clean environment for unmatched excellence.

Wooden-Pressed Precision: Our oil is pressed at low RPM using traditional wooden techniques, preserving maximum nutrients and flavor.

Natural Settling Process: After extraction, our oil naturally settles for 2-3 days, allowing impurities to organically settle out."

Sieve-Filtered Authenticity: We sieve-filter our oil for authenticity, preserving the genuine essence of our high-quality seeds.

Eco-Friendly Glass Packaging: Our commitment extends to eco-friendly glass bottles, reflecting our dedication to sustainability.

Unrefined and Chemical-Free: Aranyaamaya Wood-Pressed Sesame Oil is unrefined, free from chemicals, additives, and pesticides, ensuring the natural essence and goodness of pure sesame oil.

Freshly Made, Just for You: We produce in small batches, made to order for the freshest product. Your wait of 5-6 days is a small one for a big payoff in freshness.

Storage Info

To preserve the freshness and flavor, store Aranyaamaya's Wood-Pressed Sesame Oil in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Ensure the bottle is tightly sealed after each use to maintain its authentic taste and aroma.

Usage Info

Cooking Delight: Ideal for stir-frying, sautéing, and deep-frying, our sesame oil imparts a distinctive nutty flavor to your dishes.

Finishing Touch: Drizzle over salads, soups, or cooked dishes to add a rich, toasted sesame note.

Asian Inspirations: Elevate your Asian cuisine, from stir-fries to noodle dishes, with the authentic taste of our wood-pressed sesame oil.

Nutrient-Rich Dressing: Blend with vinegar, soy sauce, or your favorite spices for a wholesome and flavorful salad dressing.

Marinades and Glazes: Create delicious marinades for meats, poultry, or vegetables, or use it as a glaze for grilled dishes.

Baking Elegance: Add a subtle nuttiness to your baked goods by incorporating sesame oil into recipes for cakes, cookies, and more.

Healthful Seasoning: Use as a replacement for butter or other oils in your recipes for a heart-healthy and flavorful alternative.

Body and Hair Nourishment: Apply sparingly as a natural moisturizer for skin or massage oil for hair, promoting hydration and a healthy glow.

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